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Game Review – World Trigger: Borderless Mission (PS Vita)

World Trigger is such a perfect IP to adapt into video games! It could be a great competitive 3rd person battle royal looter shooter or whatever, but the Gods at Bandai Namco said “nay”, so all we got was…mediocrity!

Game Review – Nisekoi Yomeiri!? (PS Vita)

I never cared too much about Nisekoi, but Konami – the company behind Love+ and Tokimeki Memorial – made a dating sim based on it, so now I know that this series mean business! But again, this is on the Vita and not smartphones, so Konami probably didn’t mean all that much business…

Shameless Review – Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS3/PS VITA)

According to sale-charts, this title is doing pretty great, but I didn’t have much fun playing it. Well, this is how licensed games usually are. Still, we did this video review to show the truth about this game! And also because I wanted to do something meaningful with this thing. It was expensive, after all!

BTW: Thanks for the thumbnail, @P3_Messiah! Now the love for lord Kirito-kun can reach even more people!