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Game Review – Legend of Legacy (3DS)

legendoflegacy01v2I’ve been expecting this game for so long! I wouldn’t be lying if I said this title was one of the main reasons why I got myself a Nintendo 3DS! After all, two big names behind it previously worked on the SaGa series: The illustrator Kobayashi Tomomi and the game designer Koizumi Kiyoji. There are other great masters as well! Like the director Matsuura Masataka from Level-5, and finally, the writer Kato Masato, famous for his work on Chrono Trigger! All these big names coming together to create a true successor to the SaGa series and a tribute to RPGs from the golden age, when the genre offered unique elements in each new game and when Japanese games were known to be the best in the world! There’s nothing that could possibly make this go wrong…Oh! It’s by FuRyu…shit!