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Shameless Review – Gun Gun Pixies (PS Vita)

It must be easy for Compile Heart to come up with new game ideas, all they ever need to do is to check 2chan for the craziest, hottest and kinkiest fetishes, then make a new title all around it. At least, this pretty much seems to have been the case for Gun Gun Pixies – Compile Heart’s very own take on the giantess fetish, in the form of a soulless game for the Vita…Poor Vita-tan!

Game Review – Death End Re;Quest (PS4)

The planets are aligned! Compile Heart made a good game! You better savour it, as this doesn’t happen often!

Shameless Review – Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers (PS4)

This will probably be this year’s last Shameless Review, so nothing more appropriate than closing it with the Hentai King of consoles: “Compile Heart”! In this new RPG adventure, they not only borrow the powers of Oppai, but they got all the Oshiri, too!

Shameless Review – Mary Skelter: Nightmares (PS Vita)

Compile Heart is like an infinite source for kinky fetishism disguised as a video games. I can count on them whenever I feel like playing something silly and weird. However, I must give credit where credit is due: Mary Skelter may be the beginning of a new era for Compile Heart! But, of course, there’re still plenty of Hentai shenanigans! Because some things never change!

Shameless Review – Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates (PS Vita)

Although this review is coming out a bit after Halloween, this probably won’t scare anyone…Well, it is creepy in a way, with all the horny lolis and stuff…But, hey! Remember that this technically isn’t an adult-only game, so it’s A-OK! And while you’re at it, just remember that this is also a Compile Heart game! They do the most absurd shit that usually would never be allowed, and they always manage to get away with it, somehow! This time around, they surpassed themselves and reached a whole new level…of creepiness! YEAH!

Shameless Review – Omega Quintet (PS4)

Compile Heart has done some crazy shit before, but now we got this: A game about Pop-idols fighting evil monsters with microphones that look like anything but microphones and the power of fan-service! So much for that bullshit about Galapagos RPG being their sub-brand for more serious games! I don’t even need to make jokes about it, because it’s too easy when the game is already a joke by itself! So, join us in this epic battle against generic monsters. There’s no need to fear! Because song is the weapon!

Game Review – Chou Megami Shinkou Noire: Gekishin Black Heart (PS VITA)

NeptuneTactics01Neptune! I played the remake of the 1st game for the VITA to reach the conclusion that this series is not for me, and there’s a simple reason for that: It’s a female-characters-only game. When a man writes a story where there are only girls with no male characters around, chances are the plot will be boring as hell or simply non-existent, while every character will be a bunch of moe-blobs who release weird “cute” sounds from time to time and are a bit too close to each other. This is no different for the Neptune franchise, but I am sucker for Tactics RPGs, so I just had to play this. Fortunately, I found out this game was much more than I was expecting…

Game Review – Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle(PS Vita)

moerochronicle01Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle spammed from the ever popular Monster Monpiece, which somehow became a series. A close translation to the title is “Records of the Protuberant Limits – Burning Chronicle”, and the “burning” part refers to the Otaku term “moe” rather than the literal “burn”. From this name alone, you can already get the gist of this spin-off.

Game Review – Neptune Re;Birth 1(PS Vita)

2013-12-12-101059Neptune is what one could call: “A very Japanese game”. What does that mean? If you’re wondering that, such a kind person you should be!


Game Review – Fairy Fencer F(PS3)

FFF-38Galapagos RPG, for what they say about themselves you could assume they would do something even more obnoxious than Neptunia or Mugen Souls, but upon a more detailed analyses, it turns out their first title is very different from their usual style.