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Game Review – Boushi Sekai ~ A Little World

boushisekai08Art by 何処子

For every Galge I play, there must be a RPG, and since I did a special doujin post just the other day, it would be appropriate that this other game would also be of doujin nature. That’s why I choose this game, which a really nice guy recommended to my on twitter. I was a bit worried with the game’s quality, since this was built with RPGmaker, but it turns out this RPG is excellent!

Galge Review – Offline Shoujo

offlinegirl10That’s it! I’ve been out of the doujin scene for a long time now, but I officially declare this to be the first doujin special! Where I intent to cover these games from the abyss. I was playing a couple of games non-stop recently, and I will be starting with Offline Shoujo, because I need to play my fill of Galge, or else, I would just die!


lovepotion69-17Conquering new territories, here I am! Not only with my first doujin game review but also covering my second Nukige! Man, just the second? I should play more Nukiges…wait a sec! Should I?