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Shameless Review – Under Night In-Birth (PS3)

The people at French Bread got tired of waiting for those TYPE-MOON dudes to deliver new story for their Melty Blood, so they decided to ditch (almost) all the “Nasu-verse” stuff and we ended up getting this new title insted. That was a excellent decision! This game is even better than what I was expecting! Thank you for being a lazy bastard, Kinoko Nasu!

TOP9 – Stupid Moves in Fighting Games

Art by c0nker

The fighting games genre has spread out into so many different types and sub-genres. However, there’s one thing which stayed true to it’s roots: Most of the special moves used by the fighters are some of the most incomprehensible shit ever! And since things like these are always funny to watch, take a look at what we consider to be the worst…or the best? You choose!

News – Promises are made to be broken in Blazblue

Arc System Works had promised to not make DLC characters for the next Blazblue, since many complained about the “Extended” version that included all DLCs + new exclusive content (just like with MvsC3). However, The console version of Chrono Phantasma isn’t even out yet and they have already gone back on their word in this week Famitsu reveal of Kokonoe as a DLC. She will attack using a weird drill hammer thing and her Drive will use her own special gauge. It is not explained how it will work, but it is teased she will use thunder and flame magic.news14-01

Game Review – Jojo Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3)

JJASB21Finally, after almost a week worth of gameplay, I decided to review this game. Even so, I still get the feeling that were many important stuff that I didn’t discover yet. This proves how deep this game can be!

To Be Continued