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Anime Review – Absolute Duo

absoluteduo03I kinda get the feeling we love to hate “anime adaptations of light novels about teenager girls who look like first graders fighting against each other by using magic powers, special weapons or/and familiars in a school where there’s almost no men around”! Lets see, we got Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei, Mahou Sensou, Seikoku no Dragonar, Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance…am I missing someone? My point is: Why the hell we keep trying? What are we expecting to find by watching those? I don’t know! Maybe this Absolute Duo will clarify things around here!

Anime Review – Tokyo Ghoul

tokyoghoulnewThis time I will talk about what is probably the most mainstream series of this season: Tokyo Ghoul. Funny how I was kinda skipping the manga series even being a bigger otaku about reading then watching stuff. Well, now that I finally got started, is it as good as everyone told me?