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Shameless Review – Song of Memories (PS4)

This feeling! I haven’t felt like this for a long time! This cheapness! This pretentiousness! And above all else: This stupidity! Yes! Song of Memories takes me back to when I used to review Hentai Games all the time! How delicious!

Shameless Review – Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (PS4/PS Vita)

At this point, I believe that everyone interested in this game has already played it. It’s not like it isn’t accessible, since it’s even available in English! Regardless, I had to give my impressions on how ridiculous this whole thing can be. Is it the most stupid game I’ve ever played? HEHE! I have my Eroge library to deny that! But, in a way, DOA Xtreme 3 is a remarkable title! …but, YES! It’s still completely awful as a game!Video

Shameless Review – Girl Friend (Beta) ~ Kimi to Sugosu Natsuyasumi (PS Vita)

It has been a long time since I’ve played a game like this, and it was so troublesome! But that’s ok! I was able to hack my PSTV, and now that I officially gave a middle finger to the whitelist, I was finally able to take some footage from this odd Galge! Was it worth the trouble? Well, see for yourself!

Shameless Review – To Love-Ru Darkness: True Princess (PS Vita)

 To Love-ru is To Love-ru! If you look for To Love-ru you get To Love-ru! You don’t go into it for an intricate plot filled with backstabs and conspiracies, and you can’t expect it to have epic dramas that question the very nature of humanity, either! In other words: To Love-ru is a “charage”, and nothing more than that! But I dare to say it’s a pretty good charage, at the very least! (if this ever means something…)

Galge Review – Cocoro Rista

0002__Cocoro Navi was the very first adult Dating Sim I’ve played on PC, and to this day, it’s one of my favorites. It seems I’m not alone on this, since Rinko – the protagonist’s little sister – is regarded by many as one of the best “imoutos” of the genre. For this reason, Q-X games are kinda special to me, even though the prequel – Gengetsu no Pandora – was pretty disappointing. Regardless, I had high hopes for Cocoro Restarter, as it was advertised as a “true sequel” to the company’s magnum opus. For me, this was not just another Galge! Playing through this game was my mission!

Shameless Review – Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling (PS3/PSP/PS Vita/XBOX 360)

I love Steins;Gate! I have such good memories from watching the anime and the game! Which is why I hope for the actual sequel to be nothing like this spin-off! I wasn’t exactly expecting a cute love story out of Steins;Gate, but this seems to be the fate of every game from the science adventure series. At least Hiyoku Renri no Darling didn’t suck! Well, not too much!

Galge review – Sakura Nikagetsu

Sakura Nikagetsu02If I had 1 cent for every Bishoujo Game with “Sakura” on the title, I would be a billionaire by now. This is better to turn out into something special! Who is making it, anyway? Oh! Orange Yell, huh? They don’t release a game since 2012, so I’m sure this game has all those years in the making to back it up with lots of well-planned contents, right? Let’s see about that!