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Game Review – Atelier Shallie Plus (PS Vita)

Hey! Sometimes I still like to play those silly Japanese games with nothing more to them other than its cuteness. This, however, isn’t the case for Atelier Shallie – the final chapter in the Dusk trilogy. I hope the next arc can be as engaging and intriguing as this one was, but for now, take a look at the cool new additions that this Plus version got!

Game Review – Atelier Ayesha Plus(PSVita)

atelierayesha4After the Arland trilogy, this one marks the beginning of the new Dusk series. However, it was one of the worst received games of the series in the U.S. and this was probably because of it’s lack of Japanese voice acting. While the American dub was not bad, many players claim their acting is not as convincing as the Japanese ones. There’s also a talk about the localized version not being fully-voiced, but I didn’t confirm this, since I didn’t actually play the translated one for the PS3. Yes! I was one of the annoying bastards who bitched about the dual-audio thing, and it seems like I was rewarded with this remake for the Vita! Everything about this is so convenient for me that almost makes me feel bad for it (being “almost” the key-word here). So let us ride to see what new world awaits for us in this new Alchemic adventure!

Game Review – Ar Nosurge(PS3) (part3)

arnosurge62Ok, now, it’s time to review the gameplay aspect of this game, as well as some analyzes of the plot and it’s characters. This review might come in handy for those who are not familiar with the Ar Tonelico series and are not sure about buying this game yet.


Game Review – Ar Nosurge(PS3) (part2)

arnosurge50I divided what would be a huge review at two parts (three, actually). This one here don’t have any of my personal opinions about the game, as it is more like an “story log” with the info I transcribed and summarized from the game’s backstory. This could come in handy for fans of the EXA_PICO universe who don’t speak Japanese and can’t wait for the localization, specially considering the low odds of the Visual Novel prequel being translated. But, if you don’t want to be spoiled about Ciel Nosurge, I recommend you to skip this review.


Manga Review – Ar Nosurge (part1)

arnosurgemanga01I will review Gust’s new title on three parts, starting with this tie-in manga. It was released before the game, so I thought it would be appropriate to give a look at this prequel first.

Galge Review – Ciel Nosurge ~ Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta(PS Vita)

cielnosurge01Ciel Nosurge is Gust’s answer to Konami’s LovePlus, while, at the same time, it is something completely new.