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Let’s Play – Summon Night 6 ~ 1st Arc (PS4)

Here’s my Let’s Play series of Summon Night covering the first arc of the game with the male protagonist Raj, and the start of the second arc with the female protagonist Amu. For anyone who wants to watch a huge fan-boy of the series going crazy over the smallest details and commenting about many trivia while doing stupid otaku jokes.

Let’s Play – Summon Night 6 demo (PS Vita)

The hype is strong with this video, as we make a pretty detailed analysis of what we got from this trial to predict what is to come on the full version. If anything, it was a nostalgic ride!

Let’s Play – Yuusha Shisu/Hero Must Die (PS Vita)

For those interested in this game, here is our very poor playthrough of the trial version, which is also our very first attempt at a Let’s Play thing, which made playing this game a much more interesting experience…