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Anime Review – Hunter x Hunter – Last Mission

xposter.jpg.pagespeed.ic.JDEEiWlifeToday I will do something different: I will review an Anime theater movie. And one based on Togashi’s great HunterXHunter manga no less!! And I will not do the old “did I like it” routine this time. Please, by all means, go on knowing my opinion about this movie. I had never disliked anything related to HXH. There were things I hadn’t liked, but never really felt like any of it was bad. Until this movie… I hate it!

Anime Review – No Game No Life

NoGameNoLifeNo Game No Life is an anime about a couple of siblings who end up in a new world where everything is based on games. Well, being an addicted gamer myself, I just have to take a look on this one!