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Manga Review – The end of Naruto

evolution-of-narutoFinally! After 15 long years, we come to the end of Naruto. Actually, it’s been over a month, I just didn’t have the time to read it until now. Sorry… Well, In the early 2000s, if you were an otaku, you could not escape this manga. It was huge, it was the new Dragon Ball, it was going to be the greatest example to be copied by every single Shonen Manga to come in the decades to follow it. In the end, though, should we still keep any good memory of the “Blond ninja in an orange jumpsuit”? つづく…

Manga Review – Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa

jitsuwawatashiwa00I will do something different for this review because circumstances made me unable to avoid this format. Just pretend this is a Manga and Galge review…but not really. Anyway: It’s vampire time! And how a vampire-centered love-comedy must go? Is it full of possibilities? Well, most Japanese writers don’t seem to agree with that, but there are some exceptions…

Manga Review – Tenraku Akuma! Demon’s Core

Demon's Core24“A normal teenager gets involved on supernatural battles upon a fateful encounter with a mysterious beauty who take him as her servant. She starts to live with him and become the master of the house, monopolizing the best room, food and tools just for herself. This is quite fair, actually, since the normal teenager is not too reliable at battles or at anything, for that matter”.
How Many mangas, animes and Eroges fit in this summary? There’s a ton of it, but how many had the courage to change things around? After reading the same story for the hundredth time, this manga was one of the most refreshing titles I’ve read in a while!

Manga Review – Ar Nosurge (part1)

arnosurgemanga01I will review Gust’s new title on three parts, starting with this tie-in manga. It was released before the game, so I thought it would be appropriate to give a look at this prequel first.

Manga Review – Kemomimi Goshujin-Sama

kemomimi01So, I had to make a post about this manga just because how freaking weird it is!


News – The most terrible Monsters are yet to be Hunted

The new Monster Hunter 4 will have a collaboration with famous manga series “Baki“. Therefore, two set of clothes will be sold for hunters to cosplay as Hanayama and Yujiro (strangely enough, it will be avaliable for both genders…).news15-01news15-02

News – Manga to Anime & New Galges

Nowadays is a rare phenomenon when a manga gets an anime adaptation, it’s even more rare when this is a shoujo manga. This is such a case to “Super Seishun Brothers” (Super Youth Brother). It seems to be about two couples of bracon/siscon siblings.news10-01 There are new games coming from big companies soon: Lump of Sugar has “Sekai no Sekai no Mannaka de” (Between Two Worlds), there is a imouto, an energetic girl, a quiet girl and “slow-paced” kind girl. It’s schedule for a December 20 release.news10-02Frontwing decided to attack with a Kawaii-type Galge (maybe a Nukige?) Innocent Girl, It will be released only on February 28, 2014.news10-03Meanwhile, more info was given for BaseSon’s new Sengoku†Koihime, but with no release date.news10-04