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News – The most terrible Monsters are yet to be Hunted

The new Monster Hunter 4 will have a collaboration with famous manga series “Baki“. Therefore, two set of clothes will be sold for hunters to cosplay as Hanayama and Yujiro (strangely enough, it will be avaliable for both genders…).news15-01news15-02

News – Fugo is free!

As mentioned before, there is a special promotion going on for Jojo All Star Battle DLC until september 25. The original promise was to cut the price of DLCs in half if the game sales reached 500.000 units. But, According to the official site, it seems they got overjoyed about how they almost got to this number in less than a week, so they will give the DLC character Pannacotta Fugo for free starting september 12.news13-01

News – Newest UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH character surprises Doujin community (Updated)

Many japanese fighting gamers got pretty shocked upon the reveal that Akatsuki – the main character from the doujin franchise with the same name – will be added as a playable fighter in the next version of Melty Blood creators game: “UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH“. With this inclusion, it leaves many wondering if there is possibilities for other doujin characters to appear as guest as well. I sure would love someone from Vanguard Princess or Touhou, but I guess they don’t fit well in the dark atmosphere from this game.

Update (09/05) There are new info and screenshots given to 4gamer during a interview with Narita. According to French Bread’s boss, Akatsuki’s graphics were all done by Akatsuki creators, SUBTLE STYLE. They guarantee that those graphics are all of a very high quality. During the interview Narita also revealed to already have a new collaboration in mind with a even more unexpected game: SkullGirls! However, regarding the graphics, Narita says that, different from this recent collaboration, they would want to make the graphics themselves by all means. The reason for this is because “he wants to teach the westerners what TRUE MOE is!” Do this means that he doesn’t like SkullGirls graphic style?news12-01

News – Jojo All Star Battle DLC

The newest trailer reveals 4 DLC characters: Shigekiyo Yangu will be avaliable on october 29 for 600 yen; Iggy and Pannacotta Fugo are for sale on november 12 also for 600 yen each; Finally, the unexpected Baoh from Araki’s past manga will also make an appearance as a DLC, although the data for its release was not revealed yet. A special promotion called “Grazie Campaign” will offer all DLCs for half the price, but only if they are able to sell 500.000 copies.


News – The King of Fighters Online

Dragonfly CF from Thailand is responsible for this new attempt  at bringing the famous KOF franchise to the On-Line world of gaming. This time the game has a DOTA style of gameplay and terrible dubs. It’s questionable but, with the success of DOTA 2 and League of Legends, there is a high possibility of the game ending up being well received. See some more videos here, here, here & here.

Jojo is AWESOME and Famitsu agrees with it!

The newest edition of Famitsu has a review for the soon to be released Jojo Bizarre Adventure – All Star Battle. In a very rare event the game got a perfect score on the magazine! With 4 different reviewers, they all gave 10 points for the fighting game. Now I really have high expectations for this game. Could this be the best game of 2013?


News – Manga to Anime & New Galges

Nowadays is a rare phenomenon when a manga gets an anime adaptation, it’s even more rare when this is a shoujo manga. This is such a case to “Super Seishun Brothers” (Super Youth Brother). It seems to be about two couples of bracon/siscon siblings.news10-01 There are new games coming from big companies soon: Lump of Sugar has “Sekai no Sekai no Mannaka de” (Between Two Worlds), there is a imouto, an energetic girl, a quiet girl and “slow-paced” kind girl. It’s schedule for a December 20 release.news10-02Frontwing decided to attack with a Kawaii-type Galge (maybe a Nukige?) Innocent Girl, It will be released only on February 28, 2014.news10-03Meanwhile, more info was given for BaseSon’s new Sengoku†Koihime, but with no release date.news10-04