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Game Review – Owari no Seraph: Unmei no Hajimari (PS Vita)

Now that I think about it, Owari no Seraph has all the makings of an excellent Tactics Sim RPG. But does Netchubiyori has the makings of a excellent game developer?… N-no! No, they don’t!

Shameless Review – Shining Resonance (PS3)

Neddles to say I’m stunned for how great this game is, and it’s easy to see! Like 1+1=2 and 2+1=3. It was destiny! Just a matter of opinion…

Game Review – Toushin Toshi: GIRLS GIFT (3DS)

toushintoshi94Until recently, I believed the port of “Pastel Chime Continue” by 5pb for the PSP was the last time something from AliceSoft to be released outside the PC realm, and like most of their games, Pastel Chime is a SRPG without too much focus on the “RPG” aspects, which are just a “side-dish” for the DatingSim parts. This is not to my liking, but I suppose nothing can be done, since this isn’t their line of expertise. That’s why I got high hopes for this remake of Toushin Toshi II for the 3DS, since they got Imageepoch to develop it for them, and those guys really know how to handle this genre! Romance, battles, drama, conspiracy and a little bit of “ecchi”. Those are the elements that define the most controversial game on the 3DS(?).

Game Review – Oedo Blacksmith (PS Vita)

OedoBlackSmith-05Nippon Ichi is at it again. This is a new game following their trend to make simple games at the style of western indie games. This trend was officially recognized by Nippon Ichi when they were developing  htoL#NiQ (Hotaru no Nikki), but whoever followed Nippon Ichi releases for a couple years would easily be able to notice they have been following this trend since way back. This isn’t bad! Simple games can be really good as well! But how well this game fares in the end?

Game Review – Kinki no Magna (3DS)

Kinkinomaguna118v2Kinki no Magna (Forbidden Magna) is a very interesting game, not only the game itself, but the history behind its development. Nevertheless, an intriguing one! I could not ask for a better title to make the debut of my new “New Nintendo 3DS”. So, LET’S GO!

Game Review – Legend of Heroes ~ Sen no Kiseki II (PS3/PS Vita)

Legend of Heroes - Sen no Kiseki II-13Legend of Heroes is a pretty complex series, and this newest entry proves this more than ever! After all, with so many things to love and hate in a single title, it only comes to show how deep the franchise is!

Shameless Review – Omega Quintet (PS4)

Compile Heart has done some crazy shit before, but now we got this: A game about Pop-idols fighting evil monsters with microphones that look like anything but microphones and the power of fan-service! So much for that bullshit about Galapagos RPG being their sub-brand for more serious games! I don’t even need to make jokes about it, because it’s too easy when the game is already a joke by itself! So, join us in this epic battle against generic monsters. There’s no need to fear! Because song is the weapon!