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Game Review – Robotics;Notes DaSH (PS4/Switch)

Unpopular opinion: I love Robotics;Notes! It’s a shame that it’s seems as the black sheep in the science adventure series, but now Robotics;Notes DaSH is a thing that exists! And this is also kind of a shame…

Game Review – Zanki Zero (PS4/PS Vita/Steam)

What a pleasant surprise this game was! I was not expecting Zanki Zero to be THIS good. And yet, here is a video of me praising it to no end. I regret nothing, though!

Game Review – Ukiyo no Shishi & Ukiyo no Roushi (PS3/PS Vita)

Ever since Spike fused with Chunsoft to form Spike Chunsoft, the Way of Samurai – developed by Acquire – didn’t get anything new to its series, aside from a re-release of the 4th game on Steam. However, it seems SpikeChunsoft, that was only the publisher of the franchise, is trying create some sort of spiritual successor with their own crazy Bakumatsu re-imagining. Is it a good equivalent to the Samurai-action title by Acquire? Spoilers: No, it isn’t! Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad game!

Game Review – Exist Archive (PS Vita/PS4)

What do you get when you cross a Minotaur with a Valkyrie? The answer is: Exist Archive! A ultra colorful RPG by tri-Ace and the character designer from Love Plus! It looks exciting, stylish, cute, badass and even a bit dark! But the truth is that this game may be very different from all those first impressions!

Game Review – Grand Kingdom (PS4/PS Vita)

 For the first time, I’m doing a video review all alone. Well, not like most people ever noticed there were two voices before…Anyway! There’s nothing to joke about this time. This game is just too cool!

Game Review – Conception 2 (PSVita/3DS)

conception2 (121)The original game certainly became a very famous game for both right and wrong reasons, but who knew it would get a sequel.