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Game Review – Steins;Gate Elite (Steam/PS Vita/PS4/Switch)

Even if you’ve played the original before, this is a whole new experience! But no matter the circumstances, Steins;Gate will always be a god-tier Visual Novel. It just can’t go wrong! …Unless it’s the Memories Off people making it

Game Review – Zanki Zero (PS4/PS Vita/Steam)

What a pleasant surprise this game was! I was not expecting Zanki Zero to be THIS good. And yet, here is a video of me praising it to no end. I regret nothing, though!

Galge Review – Nekopara

nekoparaIf you looked at the writer of this post, you did not misread it. Gangrelion didn’t play Nekopara, I DID. Yes, this time around I am the one writing a review about the game with super cute girls. Even better, the game with super cute CATGIRLS! つづく…