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Bottom Five Disliked Animes of 2014

OPYes, that one is new. This year I decided to make a list of the animes I watched that I disliked the most, after all, pissing your public seems popular for some reason. I choose a list of 5 instead of 10 because I was already going a little insane. It is important so say that this list, unlike the top 10, is all mine. Gangrelion has no saying here. Oh, and like the top 10, this is about what I disliked, not necessarily the worst for the public, so if you disagree, remember it is just my opinion. If you feel offended, sorry. Complaints are welcomed in the comments.

Top Ten Favorite Animes 2014

Top-anime-OPAnd we are at that time of the year again! And with it, at the time to write the new list with the animes we at OtakuOverdrive liked the most in 2014. Like last year, it is a Top Ten of our favorite animes, not a Top Ten for the best animes of 2014, so if you don’t feel like the animes we choose are the best choices, don’t feel offended. It is just personal taste.


TOP9 – Stupid Moves in Fighting Games

Art by c0nker

The fighting games genre has spread out into so many different types and sub-genres. However, there’s one thing which stayed true to it’s roots: Most of the special moves used by the fighters are some of the most incomprehensible shit ever! And since things like these are always funny to watch, take a look at what we consider to be the worst…or the best? You choose!

Top Five – More Stupid Things About Galges

TOP10-cover2v2The next round of stupidity is up! It was hard to come up with 5 more retarded things that are exclusive to Galges, because this genre seems to be infecting other medias…or would be the opposite? Whatever! Those are the new Top5 reasons for you to ask yourself: “Why the hell am I playing this?”, even if it’s for a split second.

TOP TEN – Favorite Galge Openings

cover01That’s right! Everyone in this community does that, so it is finally my turn. Feel the suspense as you find out who is going to come out on top and get the exhilarating prize: The privilege to have everyone asking “Why the hell doesn’t this get an anime adaptation?”.

Top Ten Favorite Animes 2013

top10bannerSo, it’s that special time of the year and lists of Top 10 have been showing up all over the internet. We could not stay out of it, especially because I love top tens, so we sculpted a list of the ten animes we liked the best from the great list of 2013 and we came up with these. Notice, it is top ten of our favorite, I am not saying top ten best animes, so you don’t feel like the anime you find better and is not here (And I bet there is a specific one that a lot of people are going to notice) has been offended. It is just personal taste.

On a important notice, we are trying a kinda weird format, the idea is to avoid spoiling the next position as you read, it’s a test and I ask you to say if you like it or it’s too much trouble for too little gain. Thank you.

And let’s get this list going already: